TRACE TV Is Searching For Amapiano Superstar Producer

TRACE TV Is Searching For Amapiano Superstar Producer

TRACE TV Is Searching For Amapiano Superstar Producer

Trace Tv is out to support and embrace this new South African sound and the culture it’s new music named Amapiano.

The TV station TRACE is currently giving Amapiano producers the space for them to air their music videos with their tracks and stand the chance of being fully paid.

It was reported that the winner will be chosen by the members of the public.

Amapiano just like Gqom is a new genre coming from capital city, Pretoria, the heart of South Africa, it’s named the home of House Music,and the new genre is a unique mix of gqom and also deep house, with a little addition of jazzy, soulful sounds of a piano.

The new brand has already taken the South African local and even international airwaves by storm.

Currently in South Africa, the new genre is fast becoming a household brand as th transmissible sounds could be heard from anywhere, ranging from; house parties, even taxis in Mamelodi, to Diepkloof, to Noord, to street bashes and most night clubs, all round the country is feeling the waves.

Valentine Gaudin-Muteba who is currently TRACE TV South Africa Managing Director said in an update; “We’re a brand that is proudly innovative, disruptive and urban within our DNA, hence why we have launched such a competition to discover the next Amapiano superstar producer,

He continued; “Our goal within the continent is to highlight emerging talents and to help them create their own legacy, especially that of the creative youth who need to be allowed to express themselves as fully as possible.

Like earlier stated, other parts of Africa are feeling the new sound and it’s fast gaining popularity in the whole of Africa, all thanks to the pioneers, different mixers who joined forces and sounds together to give birth to Amapiano.

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