Somizi Talks A Little About Growing Up

Somizi Talks A Little About Growing Up

Somizi Talks A Little About Growing Up

Indeed, it is really a remarkable experience, growing up as a kid, going through school and living at home with your parents and siblings. Having other kids around, and worry virtually about nothing but just having fun and playing around.

South African singer and song writer Somizi has a short story about him growing up. Really we do have our own stories to tell but the difference is where and when we talk about them, let’s get to know about Somizi’s.

Like we earlier stated, Somizi is a 23 year old South African entertainer who is also a choreographer and a popular television personality. The young-star the son of the prominent and renowned late actor and comedian named Ndaba Mhlongo and his mother is a South African veteran actress named Mary Twala.

The young and promising entertainer Somizi Mhlongo talked about living with his dad and mum as a kid and one of the major things he pointed put was the fact he never felt his family was actually poor.

The talented young man took to his social media account to release a throwback image of himself cutting a cake as he was celebrating his birthday, he also included some amazing details about growing with both of his parents.

According to him, he said his parents got him every thing that he ever needed, and so he simply concluded that they were not really poor.

In his update he wrote; “When I was a kid I never knew or felt we were poor. Coz my parents gave me everything I needed. Never missed a birthday celebration.”

In his last statement, Somizi made it public that he had being a photo bomber when he was younger and it has been his hobby even from his childhood times.

Check out the update by the entertainer below.

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