Netflix Signs Deal For South Africa’s Teen-led Drama

Netflix Signs Deal For South Africa's Teen-led Drama

Netflix Signs Deal For South Africa’s Teen-led Drama

It’s now official, the American based media services provider Netflix, have officially announced that the South African movie named Blood & Water will serve as its second original series from the African country and it will have Nosipho Dumisa heading the directing team.

The film series is reported to feature an upcoming renowned and talented South African cast, Blood & Water will be filmed before the end of this year.

The company (Netflix) in a recent press release stated that the film, Blood & Water which is going to be a teen-led drama is about a black local teen who discovers her family’s past secrets and tries to get acquainted to the complicated world of high school in South Africa.

Like stated above, the series’ production is due to start up anytime soon this year, 2019 and is meant to be aired and globally viewable on Netflix in 190 countries before the end of 2020.

Directors And Crew To Be Expected:

Award winning Nosipho Dumisa will lead and direct the series and the South African female movie director, has already made her name known across the globe, the SA powerhouse already has directed some nice films including Nommer 37, which in the past bagged her Cheval Noir jury prize, as the Best Director during the Fantasia International Film Festival, which took place in Montreal, Quebec.

The female director has been nominated for the best picture awards, plus other nominations she already got from this year’s Safta awards. Other production team of The Nommer 37 which will be onboard are Daryne Joshua and Travis Taute, both will be writing and co-directing with Dumisa, also, Bradley Joshua as well as Benjamin Overmeyer will be present as producers and Simon Beesley will lead as the editor.

In another press release, Nosipho Dumisa stated that Gambit they are happy to be doing a joint work with Netflix on the young adult drama series, she also stated that being a director who appreciates genre, the drama mixes the very best of many and won’t hesitate to dive into the main problems of the present day youth culture, while at the other hand, filling it it up with story lines that will definitely keep their global viewers guessing.

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