Black Panther’s Connie Chiume Talks About The Oscars Awards

Black Panther’s Connie Chiume Talks About The Oscars Awards

Connie Chiume Talks About The Oscars Awards Won By Black Panther Movie

Last Sunday in the city of Los Angeles, the 91st Academy Awards took place, and from the seven nominations, Black Panther movie carted away with three awards.

Black Panther is a film that portrays black pride, a black superhero and also women empowerment in general.

The movie which is yet to be a year old has already created a worldwide discussions, the film was also reported to have broken the box offices records.

The award wining movie featured South African entertainer and actress, Connie Chiume.

Recently, Chiume spoke up about the Oscars won by the wonderful piece and what the awards mean to everyone who was featured in the movie, including those who have already seen the movie.

According to reports, she said the accolades mean a lot to them, most especially as the ones who participated in the movie.

She also went ahead to say it means a lot to African people and also the blacks in general as this is the first time in Hollywood everyone could see a black superhero, and plus the huge roles played by the women was quite significant and could hardly be seen anywhere else.

Black Panther’s Connie Chiume Talks About The Oscars Awards

The movie also succeeded in making a cast, T’challa to become every child’s superhero, and had inspired a lot of people round the world, making it’s fans chant ‘Wakanda Forever!’.

The South African female actress Connie Chiume took the role of a mining elder in Black Panther, and showed Africa in a very good and unique way.

The movie raised our hope more for Africa, the Africa we know, that we wish to be a well governed and rich organized country, a technological advanced place, thats the Africa that was portrayed in the film.

Black Panther, portrayed Africa as a very developed nation with the latest of technologies and infrastructural advancements, a nation where women stood at the forefront of reshaping history rather than being the victims.

Black Panther’s Connie Chiume Talks About The Oscars Awards

In Chiume’s own words she said “Before they shot it, they did a lot of research”, according to her, “They sent people here from the music side, from costume from the script-writing and everything so they did the right thing that is why Black Panther is globally acclaimed.

Below are the three awards the film had during the Oscars 2019:

Best production design
Winner: Black Panther – Hannah Beachler and Jay Hart

Best original score
Winner: Black Panther – Ludwig Goransson

Best costume design
Winner: Black Panther – Ruth E Carter

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