AKA Expresses Gratitude To Everyone That Attended #RoastOfAKA

AKA Expresses Gratitude To Everyone That Attended #RoastOfAKA

AKA Expresses Gratitude To Everyone That Attended #RoastOfAKA

AKA whose biological name is Kiernan Jarryd Forbes, is a debut South African entrepreneur who doubles as a wonderful rapper.

The South African hiphop mogul was brought to the spotlight in 2011 when his track “Victory Lap” bagged the “Channel O’s Most Gifted Hip-Hop Video“, the accolade took place during the 7th yearly Channel O Awards.

The rapper has since his break out risen to a critical acclaim with a very huge fan base and lots of musical works to his credit.

In 2018, the Capetown brought up announced his event which he named Grudgement Day #RoastOfAKA, but was scheduled to take place this year.

The debut rapper took to his Instagram account earlier this month to make some funny confessions about how he stole candy from his little daughter and then also posted a little trailer of the event, Grudgement Day #RoastOfAKA on his IG account.

The event has finally took place but will be aired on the television stations by March and guess what, the event was a huge success, so AKA took to his IG handle and officially thanked and appreciated everyone who saw that the awaited event, Grudgement Day #RoastOfAKA was a success.

It’s quite hilarious but AKA specially thanked all the people  who made the even an epic disaster for the rapper, it’s Grudgement Day #RoastOfAKA afterall… lol 😉 .

The event was just about making him and his fans laugh about himself or at your self, so he holds no single grudge against any comedian or any one who tried to make the day fun, he’s really cool about it.

In his own words he said; “A big THANK YOU to everyone who came together to make #TheRoastOfAKA an epic DISASTER!!! (for me) … not really, but shout out to the awesome personalities, comedians and especially THE FANS who came out to have a laugh. Thank You to the awesome team @[email protected] & @comedycentralaf … you guys are absolutely WORLD CLASS especially the amazing writers who spent their time on this project, making sure it was … I think we could all do with a bit of a laugh at ourselves … Thanks again!”.

AKA subsequently released an image of  himself and the full panel who conducted the event.

The wonderful event, #RoastOfAKA is scheuled to be viewed on TV screens in less than two weeks time, ie 11th of March 2019, so stay tuned and don’t miss the event on TV.

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