Wordz – Black Chyna ft. A-Reece

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We are probably late on this but its fine, we still got our visitors covered because Wordz has called in one of our favorite rappers A-Reece on a new song they both called Black Chyna. Though we just launched but we cant deny the fact that that are few songs which has been released not quite long ago, and among them is this track we currently have for you, completely made by oue South African buddies and we bet you gonna find the track quite interesting.

For a start, Wordz is a wonderful South African rapper which we give much credit to, not alot of people recognize his his talent in the South African hip hop industry but a few know know the rapper will attest that he is quite good in the studio and recently he proved the wonders he can perform when ever he is in the studio, his last piece of work was ofcourse dropped real recent and you need to give the new effort a bite.

For the featured artiste we have on the song, his name A-Reece, has been ringing loud bells around the South African hip hop world and he is virtually loved by all SA people who love rap. The young rapper is so talented and we believe he is still about to attain the peak of his career. His past works has been soundings off in all radio stations in the country and also outside the boarders of SA, writing and listing list songs will definitely make us deviate from the main song which we have down here.

Black Chyna is obviously the newest work of art from the two South African rappers Wordz and A-Reece. The two really built a great chemistry in the song and the rhyming was just so perfect. If you love a song with a gently but consistent beat with some music professionals dropping some lines as the speakers jams the beats, then this song is definitely what you wanna listen to. I cant help but nod as the singers rap in the new song ans sure the song is all centered on women and folks.

Also in the track, A-Reece sings about how some girls are just under aged and will not really have sh*ts to run with them, he definitely is running away from making some unnecessary headlines and we perfectly understand that. He also rapped about the girls he had and affirmed he will be happy to stay cool with just one.

Be sure you ready to listen to the newest song, Black Chyna. You have anything to say about the song or the rappers or even us the admin, please engage us below via our comment section as we will promptly get back to you. Also see other songs in our archive and enjoy.

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