Labantwana Ama (Abantwana Bama) Uber Amapiano, Lyrics & Dance Video

Labantwana Ama (Abantwana Bama) Uber Amapiano Mp3 Download

New Song : Abantwana Bama Uber & Labantwana Ama Uber Amapiano + Lyrics & Dance Videos | Fakaza Live

Now we are out with another brand new amapiano song titled Abantwana Bama Uber. South African musicians have been taking their time this year to share new amapiano singles, mixes and albums, today we have the new piano single Labantwana Ama Uber which is very popular and is making waves on radios stations and clubs.

The recent release was made due to fans insatiable quest and hunger for piano songs, and our artistes so far has proven to be trusted as they share new we are blessed on daily basis with new and wonderful piece of piano songs.

Just for the space of a year, a good number of piano mixes have been dropped by top South African djs, beat producers and other house artistes.

Two months back, we received an exclusive album in which the song Labantwana Ama Uber was included, even though fans’ requests suggested that the song is also known as Abantwana ama Uber. The amapiano track was dropped with few other piano singles.

As expected, the song has gained a heavy number of streams since it was released.

Abantwana Bama Uber Amapiano was released by some reputable set of South African song producers like Semi Tee,  Kammu Dee and Miano.

Fans can officially stream or download the song on Apple Music / iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Youtube Music, Google Play Music, Napster & Tidal.

Also, you can watch the dance videos below

Read Abantwana Bama Uber Lyrics below

Eh bathi gezel’ ekishen,

o’ku worse endishin,
nge vaslap ka mamncane,
o’ku worse endishin.

Eh Labantwana ba wrongo
Eh Labantwana ama uber
Eh Labantwana ama dumani
Eh bayithatha bayifaka Emakhaleni,

bayithatha bayifaka emakhaleni bay’user

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